Arts and Sciences Admissions Expectations

Students already attending FSU who desire to change into one of these majors need to apply for the major by making an appointment for a program change with the program coordinator for the major they want. The College of Arts and Sciences requires a 2.70GPA, for freshman and a 2.0GPA for transfer applicants, a 17 score on the reading sub test of the ACT or completion of READ 106 with a minimum grade of C and if a science major also requires either a 19 score on the math sub test of the ACT or readiness to take MATH 115. Students interested in a science major who have completed the minimum GPA and the reading requirements but are not prepared for MATH 115 may be admitted to Pre Science.

All College of Arts and Sciences majors have established entrance expectations. The College of Arts and Sciences expects freshman and transfer applicants to have achieved these academic criteria to be considered for regular admission to the College by the admissions office. Applicants not meeting these minimum expectations but with academic records meeting Ferris State University minimum standards may be reviewed by the college and may be admitted as an exception. These decisions will be at the sole discretion of the college. Applicants denied an admission exception by the College of Arts and Sciences may be referred to University College for admission consideration. In implementing these criteria the following definitions are established:

1) First year applicant means a freshman applicant (a FTIAC or First Time In Any College) student.

2) Transfer applicant is a student presenting transcript(s) with a minimum of 12 earned semester credits including English and a Mathematics course at the time of initial application.

It is understood that a student with prior college attendance must be coded as a transfer student for reporting purposes. However, a transfer student with fewer than 12 earned credits or with 12 or more credits but lacking the English and/or Mathematics courses at the time of initial application will be processed for admission under the requirements of a first year applicant requiring both the high school transcript and ACT scores.