Network Printer Naming Convention

General Printing Services

The end user chooses a printer object when they need to print. Therefore, the object name needs to be descriptive enough so they know 1) the owner of the printer, 2) the location of the printer, 3) what type of printer it is, and 4) the model of the printer. This information will let them select a printer that is located near them and provide an exact printer location if there is a need for technical support. 

The following naming convention will accomplish this:

The division or college abbreviation, an underscore, the department, an underscore, the building abbreviation, the room number, a dash, the manufacturer abbreviation (see list of manufacturers below) and the model of the printer.


  • A Hewlett Packard laserjet owned by Information Technology Services in West 113 would be:


Approved abbreviations for the types and manufacturers of various printers.


  • Canon CN
  • Dell DL
  • Epson EP
  • Hewlett Packard HP
  • Lanier LA
  • Lexmark LX
  • Minolta MI
  • Okidata OK
  • Panasonic PN
  • Toshiba TO
  • Tektronics TK
  • Xerox XO

Note: If a printer is not in the list, give the manufacturer name to a committee member to bring up at the next monthly meeting.

Revised: November 15, 2016

Previously Revised: February 27, 2013