Registration and Academic Guide 2015-2016

Registration Information Overview

There are three registration periods at Ferris State University: early, late, and drop/add. Once admitted to the University all students in good standing, with no registration holds, are eligible to register for classes at their approved times.

As you consider enrolling for classes, please review the following points:

  • Your registration access may be denied (a registration hold placed on your record) because of academic dismissal, not fulfilling required faculty advising, a disciplinary problem, money owed to the University, failure to return library books and/or other supplies, or non-compliance with housing and health center regulations.
  • A student formerly enrolled at the University must file a re-admission application if an interruption in enrollment has occurred. An interruption in enrollment occurs whenever a student withdraws from the University or fails to enroll for a succeeding term, excluding summer term. A former returning student must meet the same academic entrance requirements expected of new applicants.
  • If you are on academic probation, your enrollment will be restricted to a maximum of 14 credit hours. To take additional hours you must receive the approval of your academic advisor or counselor.
  • If you have a scholarship, grant, rehabilitation grant, or other financial aid that is not administered by the University you must clear the account with the Timme Center for Student Services Service Center each term to complete your enrollment. If not cleared, your class schedule may be canceled.
  • If you register early, an invoice may be mailed to you. Ferris State University is utilizing electronic invoicing. This means your account information is available on-line and monthly billing statements are not sent. You must pay the minimum amount owed to Business Operations by the payment deadline, or your class schedule may be canceled. NOTE: Failure to receive an invoice is not a basis for non-payment of your tuition.
  • If you register during the late or drop/add registration period you will be expected to pay the minimum amount owed at the time you schedule your classes or your class schedule may be subject to cancellation. You can check on-line by selecting MyFSU from our home page for your account information.
  • A withdrawal (W) from any section is computed using 63% of the start and end dates of total meeting times to figure the last date of withdrawal. A drop from any section is computed using 10% of the start and end dates of the total meeting times. (added 11/10/09)

Academic Advising Requirements

The proper selection of courses is important for every student at Ferris State University. Therefore, you are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor prior to registration each term. As part of the advising process, you may be required to have your class schedule approved before you are eligible to register. The following criteria has been established by each College for students who must see their academic advisor prior to registration:

  • Health Professions - ALL students, except those in the DHYG program, are required to see an advisor.
  • Arts & Sciences, Technology & University - ALL students are required to see an advisor.
  • Business - ALL students are required to see an advisor.
  • Education - ALL students on probation and those in the ELED, PTEL, PTSC and RMLS programs are required to see an advisor.
  • Optometry & Pharmacy - NO students are required to see an advisor.


You may register for classes on your assigned day, or any day thereafter, via the internet or at the Timme Center for Student Services once your advising hold has been released. If you are required to receive academic advising, you should observe the following procedure:


  • See your faculty advisor prior to your registration date to receive course selection assistance and approval of your class schedule.
  • Faculty advisors may clear the advisor hold during the appointment, or they may give you an Early Registration Clearance Form to take to the dean's office for processing.